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I don’t just love my Tesla, I adore it. I always tell people that they need to take one for a test drive. It is such a different experience to drive an EV (electric vehicle.) The Tesla accentuates all of the positives – quick, quiet, efficient.

One of the best things about a Tesla is that it improves AFTER you buy it. Tesla has done so many OTA (over the air) updates since I purchased mine over two years ago. My car now had autopilot, valet mode, and summon just to mention a few OTA’s.

No extra charge for OTA’s including music and map/navigation updates.

Charging your Tesla with electricity should cost you half or less of what you would pay for gas.

I leave home every day with a full “tank.” I have 250 miles of range and new Teslas have up to 335 miles of range.

When I’m on a road trip, I can drive coast to coast (and have twice) or anywhere in between with no fuel cost (new Teslas will incur minimal charges) and charge in 10 to 40 minutes along the way.

My Tesla has a ton of storage space – a huge trunk, a small front trunk (frunk) and seating for five adults. I can fit my bicycle in the car along with luggage and more when the seats are folded down.

My Tesla is so spacious, I can sleep in my car comfortably and have done it four times so far. The nice thing about an electric car is that you can leave the heat or air on all night.

Long road trips are so much more relaxing in a Tesla. Autopilot is like having an extra set of eyes on the road. The car will stay in it’s own lane, speed up, slow down or stop and start for traffic. It will even change lanes – just turn on your turn signal and it does the rest.

Having to stop to charge for 10-40 minutes periodically during a road trip is a nice break. I typically use the time to walk, eat, use the facilities or shop. At the end of the day, I arrive relaxed and refreshed!

So, take a Tesla for a test drive! If there is a Tesla showroom near you, they also have cars for test drives. If there isn’t a showroom near you, please contact me and I will find a local Tesla owner to show you theirs. Most owners love their cars and love to show people how amazing they are.

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Just show your Tesla rep my code – elaine5189 or use the link

And don’t forget that used Teslas are available now. They are a great way to get into a Tesla for about $40K or more.