An absolutely gorgeous roadtrip. This was a trip of a few firsts – the Tesla’s first ferry ride (to Orcas Island) and I finally got to use my Chademo charger! (Click on the picture at the bottom to show a gallery of pics from the trip.)

For clarification, a Chademo charger allows you to get up to 150 miles of charge per hour at Chademo charging stations. I’ve had the car for well over a year and have even loaned out my charger twice and it was still brand new in the sealed box. But, what a great thing to have when you need it! If it wasn’t for the Chademo, it would not have been practical to do this trip. Note that Tesla has recently added a few Superchargers (SuC) along 101.

I started out in Cardiff. First dilemma – how to get through LA without a boatload of traffic – solution – leave at 10 pm and drive to Tejon Ranch SuC. I slept in the car for a few hours and then hit the road, excited to be on a new roadtrip!

From there I drove toward Pleasant Hill, CA to visit some friends for a few days. A few more stops to see friends in Clayton and Sebastopol for a few days and then off to Oregon. Stopped at the Robert Frost House and park on the way out of wine country and then met a friend for dinner and spent the night at the Plaza Inn and Suites in Ashland, Oregon. The hotel has a Tesla charger, so I was able to leave the next morning with a full charge. Great hotel and staff!

From there, I headed up to Tacoma and Seattle area to meet friends and family to help celebrate a college graduation. Had a great time exploring the area and celebrating! Had brunch with family and friends at the Space Needle in Seattle.  My nephew’s girlfriend asked me what I liked about the Tesla. I told her I love that it’s quiet, responsive, fast and that I can travel without any fuel cost on my roadtrips. She then asked about how fast the car was and my family all just about lost it when I told her that it goes zero to 60 in 3.1 seconds and she asked me if I had ever tried that…….after we all stopped laughing – they told her that I try it just about daily.

I stayed at a wonderful airBnB on Whidbey Island for four days with a friend and one of my sisters. Absolutely gorgeous! We hiked, walked, drove, took a ferry and explored as much as we could in four days!

From there, I took my time driving down the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. What a beautiful country we live in! I think I stopped at each and every scenic viewpoint. I posted pictures below – I tried to restrain myself from posting a million pics! The Oregon coast with it’s rocks and rugged beauty is just amazing. Then, the Redwoods where I was able to summon the Tesla through a giant tree. Life is good.