If you’re getting ready to head out on a road trip, be sure to have the plugshare app on your phone and  be ready to have the best road trip ever! Tesla makes for the most fun, relaxing, economical road trip you’ll ever take!

Plugshare lists just about every charger known to man (and woman) and gives you lots of great info along with reviews. You can pull Plugshare up in your Tesla, but it’s faster on your phone. One of the things I love most about Plugshare is that individuals who are willing to share their home/cabin/office plugs are listed. This is part of why owning and driving a Tesla (or any electric car) is so amazing. The EV/Tesla community is fabulous! I have charged everywhere from a 110 plug to a 240 outlet on the side of a cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the middle of nowhere to an 80 amp home charger in New England. So, no matter how remote the area that you will be traveling in – there’s a plug available!

If you’re going to stay overnight at a hotel, call ahead. Ask them if they have an EV Charger. If not, ask them if you they have any plug that you can use. One advantage of this is to let hotels know that EV drivers are out there and they are looking for places that can accommodate them. If I can’t find a hotel on the Tesla charging list on my screen, I call. Many hotels have no idea that EVs even exist, but many are willing to work with you. I stayed at a Hampton Inn in Seneca Falls NY and they were wonderful. They let me plug into the only easily accessible 110 outlet which was right outside their front door. I plugged in for two nights. Through Plugshare, I found the Electrical Workers Union that had a free EV plug. I plugged in for about an hour while they showed me around their classrooms and facilities. I also always try to speak with the manager of any hotel or restaurant to let them know that Tesla will usually give them a “destination charger” at no cost and many times will help with installation costs.

EV Trip Planner is another great resource. You can add your car to your profile and then the planner takes into account your make, model, tire size, etc. You can also enter expected temperature, speed, etc. to help create an accurate range. You can also choose if you want to utilize only Tesla Superchargers or other types of chargers also. (Be sure to donate to Ben’s college fund – he’s the developer of the site and is currently an intern for Tesla.)